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Unity 2D

13 Jan

Over in Canonical’s OEM Services Group, we’ve been collaborating with the DX team working on an implementation of Unity for Ubuntu using Qt 4.7 and QML. We’ve arrived at an exciting milestone where the software has landed in a PPA and the Natty archives!

PPA: – currently the packages in this daily PPA are installable on Maverick 10.10


Natty 11.04: unity 2d packages are in the archive

Just a little background on the project.  Unity 2D’s main goal is to provide a Unity environment on hardware platforms that don’t  support Unity’s Open GL requirements. Many ARM platforms fall into this category, so Unity 2D expands Unity’s goodness to a whole new set of platforms.

The software is implemented using Qt/QML for the UI portions of Unity, while utilizing the existing Unity core components,  like indicators, bamf, dee, uTouch and places. In it’s current state, many of Unity’s features from Maverick have already been implemented (dash, places, launcher, panel) and others (uTouch, workspace switcher, accordion effect, etc) will be landing over the next few months. We’ve made a significant effort to try and match the visual style of Unity quite closely, so Unity 2D will have the same look and feel as Unity.  It’s is installed as it’s own session so it can live side by side with Unity, Gnome, your favorite session, etc…

Special thanks to all who been involved, it’s been enjoyable to be part of  – Florian, Olivier, Ugo, Aurelien, Mark, Ricardo, NCommander, David, Neil and everyone else who I forgot! See the screen shots below and expect to hear more in the coming days and weeks.

Unity 2D Desktop showing quick list and integrated window controls in panel:

Unity 2D Desktop

Unity 2D Applications Place:

Unity 2D Applications Place

Unity 2D Files Place:

Unity 2D Files Place

Unity 2D Panel with Application Menu Support:

Unity 2D panel